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About the Project

P-Brane is... a graphic novel featuring over 1500 photographs of real actors treated in a unique photoshop process and laid out in comic format that tell the story of Casey Blade, The Green Man, an amnesiatic killing machine who wakes in the alleys of New York and embarks on a dream inspired vigilante killing spree. The story is classic 50's sci-fi with a techno-modern kick presented in a noirish gritty style. Due out in late 2007/early 2008.

Graviton Publishing is... a graphic novel publishing company started in 2005. We believe the graphic novel is the most creative and unconstrained form of storytelling and that the graphic techniques used in film making can be successfully brought to the graphic novel. Contact us here.

Quietus Films is... a film production company that develops, produces and markets cutting edge media projects. The goal is to experiment with styles and stories that can be produced at a low budget but whose appeal is broad. Projects include digital features, graphic novels, websites, and documentaries. Contact us here.

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